Focused, Experienced Legal Advice For Those Who Need It Most

At The Norton Law Firm, we believe the companies who cannot afford to keep a full-time General Counsel on staff are often the companies who need focused and experienced legal advice the most. We look at our team as being an extension of our client’s team, unlike traditional law firms.

We’ve served as in-house counsel and General Counsel to companies from very early stage to public, from small to very large in size, all in vibrant and challenging markets including SaaS, telecom, and financial information and offering software, hardware, data and Web services. Our depth of knowledge and well-rounded look at our clients’ complete business and their objectives combine the cost effectiveness and the flexibility of outside counsel with the dedicated nature of in-house counsel.

We’re lawyers – yes – but we’re also business people who help other business people make solid decisions grounded in experience, awareness of financial and corporate objectives, and practical advice.

Why We're Different

Not Just Legal Advice – Business Advice

Our model is straightforward and logical – we offer the experience and services of a General Counsel to companies that are not at the stage where it would be appropriate to keep a General Counsel on staff full time. Our clients benefit from having a trusted senior team member who is as aware of their business, competitive environment, and market positioning as they are.

What makes us different

With our flexible, low-overhead model, we at The Norton Law Firm are able to provide outstanding legal talent, reliable service, and assurance of quality at a very reasonable cost to our clients. This methodology also allows us to provide additional support when necessary and minimum support during quieter times. Furthermore, given our years of experience in-house leading transactions and transformational projects, we are ideal for companies who are contemplating activities like restructuring, international expansion, or raising capital.

Law Firm Network

In addition to meeting the day-to-day legal needs of our clients, we also identify and project-manage outside counsel for specialized legal needs. These attorneys are experts with whom we have worked before, and they provide outstanding professional service at competitive rates. We also work with outside tax and legal experts previously engaged by our clients.

General Counsel Service

The Norton Law Firm provides each client a single, experienced attorney who is the single point of contact and will act as a true member of the client’s management team.  They will provide strategic advice, servicing the day-to-day legal needs, and managing those event- and transaction-driven matters that require the assistance of legal experts managed by The Norton Law Firm.

Depending on the needs and preferences of each particular client, we are available on-site or remotely, providing support that leverages the most current technology, including VPNs, teleconferencing, highly secure cloud servers, and project or client-based online document-sharing platforms. As requested by clients, we can also create a virtual “in-house” presence by having an “internal” phone number and e-mail address.

General Counsel Support

The Norton Law Firm provides a full range of legal services from the perspective of General Counsel and extending to experts in a network developed over several decades.