Client Testimonials

“We have worked with Jeff Norton and his team on a number of transactions over the years. He’s talented, hard-working and consistently gets results. Under even the most stressful circumstances, Jeff is calm, cool and collected! Under Jeff’s steady counsel, even the toughest negotiations are accomplished through alignment of interests, adaptive approaches, and always – always – the highest level of integrity and regard for his client and their counter-parties.”
Cynthia Artin, Managing Director, Auster Capital Partners
“Jeff Norton has proven himself an outstanding General Counsel, consistently delivering sound advice, the highest level of service, and proven ability to support companies day-to-day and during key transactional moments. I recommend him highly.”
David Walsh, Partner, One Equity Partners
“It took me several hours to learn that Jeff was a lawyer – which is a true compliment. Jeff is as much a business person, strategic thinker and true team player as he is a highly qualified and talented attorney. He’s great to work with – focused, responsive and accountable.”
Ian Dent, IDG Enterprises
“Jeff Norton is a seasoned General Counsel capable of juggling many tasks – all of them “top priority.” I worked with Jeff for two years, and in that time he was instrumental in completing the acquisition and merger with one company, as well as the sales of the new merged entity to a larger company. He handled complex ownership structures and provided recommendations to the company’s board to balance the best interests of the stakeholders. At the same time, Jeff and his team continued to support complex global contract negotiations supporting product and software sales around the world, ensuring that we complied with local law, as well as revenue recognition guidelines. He is a skilled facilitator who helps get deals and transactions done, while at the same time, protecting our legal rights.”
Patrick Joggerst, Sales Executive
“I was engaged by a private equity firm to help guide one of their portfolio companies toward profitability. Among the excellent team of executives, I worked with was Jeff Norton. Jeff went way beyond the traditional role of a General Counsel. He has a great business sense and manages to balance the legal and fiduciary responsibilities with a ceaseless focus making the company successful. He stepped up to take a key leadership role that required him to meet the needs of both the shareholders and the employees and he did that with confidence and grace. He has boundless energy, is extremely bright, and, very important to me, has a wonderful sense of humor. If you engage Jeff’s services, you’ll find him to be responsive, professional and tremendously fun to work with. It is my honor to recommend Jeff Norton to both small and large companies in search of comprehensive support and sound advice.”
Robin Wright, Management Consultant
“Jeff is one of the finest General Counsels I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He has that rare ability to quickly get to the heart of any issue and do so while operating with the highest integrity. Jeff consistently provided timely and thorough information while fully incorporating the business issues involved so that his recommended course of action was not just a solid legal opinion but also a sound business recommendation which simply underscored his value to the firm. He is a stellar performer, a great asset and a true professional. I would highly recommend Jeff in any future endeavor and would consider it a great privilege to be able to work with him again.”
Woody Ritchey, Partner, Acanthus Partners